Customer Testimonials

Jolita de Veth
Den Hey-Acker
“At the Individueel Traject Afdeling (ITA) we treat young adults with serious personality problems who cannot benefit from a group dynamic living and treatment climate. SafePath makes it possible for the team members to get a better view of the destructive patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that repeat themselves and the coping that result from the maladaptive modes of these youngsters. Furthermore, it also gives a better view of our own modes. This makes it easier to neutralize difficult behavior, which is necessary to shape the treatment of these very complex problems. Since our cooperation with SafePath Solutions we have noticed that the number of incidents has decreased, there is less disagreement within the team and that the team members are able to do their work with more energy and fun.”
“My colleagues and I at our faith-based addiction center took the SafePath training about three years ago. We are very enthusiastic about the results that we see. We learned a powerful language -‘Schema modes’- for describing the struggles of our patients, and our own struggles to work with them. In addition to evoking greater compassion in us, the training gave us concrete tools for interventions, such as how to set limits, provide support, and confront our patients empathically.”
Theodoor de Kraker
De Hoop GGZ
Marjolein van Wijk-Herbrink
Schema Therapist
OG Heldringstichting
“I had been training and coaching treatment teams for youth in Schema Therapy for several years, but Safe Path provided me with more continuity and enrichment. It is a great way to succesfully implement principles and techniques from Schema Therapy on a treatment unit, supporting staff to create a safe group climate.”