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Dr. David Bernstein is a Clinical Psychologist (PhD, New York University, 1990) and Professor of Forensic Psychotherapy at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.  He is one of the leading innovators in Schema Therapy, an evidence based treatment for personality disorders.  He is a former President of the Association for Research on Personality Disorders, and Vice-President of the International Society for Schema Therapy.   He is the author or coauthor of over 100 scientific publications and book chapters on topics including psychotherapy, personality disorders, forensic psychology, child abuse and neglect, and addiction.  His publications include the book, Schema Therapy: Distinctive Features, the DVD series, Schema Therapy: Working with Modes, and the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire.  He is an acclaimed educator and supervisor who has trained hundreds of therapists and other mental health professionals to work with challenging patients.  His Safe Path program is devoted to helping people with personality disorders, aggression, and addiction recover and lead safer and happier lives.  He has created the iModes, together with comic artist, Vick, to enable patients and therapists to recognize, understand, and work with emotional states more effectively.