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Becoming a SafePath Solutions trainer/coach

The train-the-trainers course prepares qualified psychologists, other mental health professionals, and educators how to become SafePath Solutions trainers and coaches.  To take the course, you need to have already participated in a SafePath Solutions two-day basic training.  If you haven’t, we may be able to arrange a basic training for you.


SafePath Solutions trainer/coaches are independent practitioners.  They have the right to arrange their own trainings/coaching and make their own financial arrangements with clients.  They have the right to use the name, SafePath Solutions, and the approved materials and methods in their trainings and coaching.

Level I/II

There are two levels of SafePath Solutions trainer/coach.  Trainer/coach I gives SafePath Solutions training and coaching independently.  Trainer/coach II gives SafePath Solutions together with a trainer/coach I, and is sometimes a step towards becoming a trainer/coach I.  Usually, trainer/coaches at level I are psychologists or others with an equivalent mental health background.  However, we will consider exceptions for individuals who demonstrate the skills to give trainings independently.  A background in schema therapy is a plus, but not a prerequisite, to becoming a trainer/coach I.

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